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Manuscript Evaluation - Copyediting - Line Editing - Proofreading - Developmental Editing - Substantive Editing


Manuscript Evaluation (2 cents per word)


I truly enjoy reviewing books and other types of writing projects, especially when I have the opportunity to take part in a text’s development.

In a manuscript evaluation, I will carefully read your text with your target audience in mind and will make small editorial suggestions regarding the structure/style of the text, punctuation, grammar, and flow along the way. In a page or two of commentary, I will let you know what you are doing well and what you are not doing so well and will supply you with a number of solutions to the issues I detect in your text.

I will also suggest how you might go about releasing your text into the world, be it via traditional publishing, self-publishing, a website, social media, and more.


The fee for a Manuscript Evaluation includes up to 1 hour of post-editing consultation via phone, videoconference, or email.

“Andrew was the editor for my first novel, Facticity Blues, and let me say that his technical expertise and general insights were critical when it came to actually getting the book published. Not only would I strongly recommend Andrew to anyone who is looking for an excellent editor, but I hope to work with him again on my next novel.”

Jake Camp, Author of Facticity Blues

“I began working with Andrew in September 2013 on my book, Discovering Ritual Meditation: Transcendental Healing and Self- Realization, when I needed to replace my existing editor. Andrew is client-focused, service-drive, and affordable. He always met our deadlines and brought a level of energy to my first book that was a great boost to my confidence as a burgeoning writer. I found Andrew to be very quick, responsive and incisive in his editorial approach and very enjoyable and surprisingly easy to work with, even when his commentary meant I had a lot of rewriting to do! I greatly enjoy Andrew’s entrepreneurial approach as well as his teaching skills; no doubt, his editorial advice took my book to the next level. I have already asked Andrew if he would work with me in the near future. Whatever happens do not skimp on the editorial process. Work with Andrew and you won´t be disappointed!”

Carlton Brown, Author of Discovering Ritual Meditation: Transcendental Healing and Self- Realization

How To Hire Me

If you think I might be the editor for you, please contact me here. To learn a little bit more about how I work, my personality traits, and my skill sets, please check out my Berke Pre-Employment Assessment here, my teacher ratings here, and my CV here.

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