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Manuscript Evaluation - Copyediting - Line Editing - Proofreading - Developmental Editing - Substantive Editing

Developmental Editing and Coordination ($150/hr)

If you have an idea for a book or project that’s begging to be written, but you don’t how to start (or you have a great start but don’t know where to go next), this is the type of edit for you.

From memoirs to short stories to marketing materials for your company website to that sci-fi epic you’ve been dying to put to paper, Developmental Editing incorporates the supervision and coordination of your project from concept to product with the incorporation and coordination of editors, designers, marketers, consultants, reviewers, and other writers who might be working on the project.

“Andrew is a true professional and a breeze to work with. He has an expert editorial eye, meets deadlines, communicates clearly with authors, editors, and publishers, and is as practically minded as he is creative. He took Apocalypse Now: Poems and Prose from the End of Days from drawing board to eBook/paperback and helped elevate my publishing company to the next level. Our latest project, The Floodgate Poetry Series: Three Chapbooks by Three Poets in a Single Volume, promises to further elevate Upper Rubber Boot Books. Whether you are writing your first novel or prepping a manuscript for publication, I highly recommend him.”


Joanne Merriam, Upper Rubber Boot Books

“Andrew’s skills as writer, editor and mentor are extraordinary! He always has terrific insights that he shares with an easy sense of humor that makes him a joy to work with.”


Dennis Dunbar, Dennis Dunbar & Assoc.

How To Hire Me

If you think I might be the editor for you, please contact me here. To learn a little bit more about how I work, my personality traits, and my skill sets, please check out my Berke Pre-Employment Assessment here, my teacher ratings here, and my CV here.

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