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Line/Stylistic editing (7.5 cents per word)

This might be one of my favorite types of editing. Line/Stylistic Editing includes all of the components of a heavy copyedit (see below) but goes further by delving into your text, line by line, often rewriting entire sentences and paragraphs.

I particularly enjoy this sort of editing because I get to apply my experience and expertise while finding creative as well as logical ways to maintain and enhance the author’s unique voice and style. Voice and style, after all, are what makes William Faulkner William Faulkner. Where would we be if his editors had forced him to write according to their personal preferences?

The same goes for you.

As your Line/Stylistic Editor, I will help you polish and perfect your unique style and voice without bending your text to my personal tastes or altering your story or argument. I will work with you to speak most powerfully to your target audience with edits to the text’s flow, syntax, and sound, which often includes the rewriting of entire sentences, paragraphs, and sections of text, but always works to maintain your style and voice.

As in all cases, you can reject any edit I make or can revise my edits to your liking. Remember: YOU are the writer, not me.

The fee for a Line/Stylistic Edit includes up to 2 hours of post-editing consultation.

Working with Andrew has propelled my writing to whole new levels of competence and productivity. Not only did he apply smart and timely editing to my first project, but he agreed to be my writing coach as I developed a short story into a novella. That process helped me understand the depths of Andrew’s expertise and his commitment to my success.


Each time I sent Andrew a draft, I knew he’d return it quickly with essential questions and edits, acknowledgments of my growth, and clear indications about how to proceed. When I procrastinated, he would send funny reminders to keep me writing. When I shifted gears and wanted advice for my applications to MFA creative writing programs, Andrew was incredibly helpful! He gave me practical assistance and encouragement as I developed my essays and chose my writing excerpts. He met my deadlines and even wrote a wonderful letter of recommendation which I’m sure contributed to my acceptance in multiple programs!


Every step of the way, with poetry, short stories, applications, random writer questions, and now, as I undertake the writing of my first novel, Andrew provides expert advice and skills to serve my writing needs. He does it all with professional knowledge,  constructive sincerity, and a love of words that is the foundation for writers and the writing life. I’m grateful that Andrew is a part of my writing journey. I’m sure you’ll discover that too, when you hire him for your next project!


Doren Damico

Author & Education Specialist

How To Hire Me

If you think I might be the editor for you, please contact me here. To learn a little bit more about how I work, my personality traits, and my skill sets, please check out my Berke Pre-Employment Assessment here, my teacher ratings here, and my CV here.

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