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What I Edit – Types of Editing & Rates - Testimonials - Hire Me 

In addition to being a professor of creative writing and English composition, I am an author and accomplished professional editor with numerous books of literary fiction, genre fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, and non-fiction to my name. 

As a poet, mentor, professor, editor, and publisher, I possess an unusual editorial skill-set that I love putting to work for burgeoning authors; first-time novelists; professionals writing copy, articles, and grants; journalists; students from high school to the MFA/PhD; businesspeople building websites and applying for loans; established authors; and “degreed” writers struggling to find a publisher for their thesis.  

To learn a little bit more about how I work, my personality traits, and my skillsets, please check out my Berke Pre-Employment Assessment here. You can also see my curriculum vitahere.

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After working with fellow authors, other editors, and students and clients of various levels for over fifteen years, I understand that the best editors preserve and enhance (rather than “correct” or radically alter) the voice, style, and essential nature of an author’s work while helping the client create the best product possible. Your text is your text, not mine.

That said, if you are seeking an editor who will take more control, I can certainly do that as well. Check out the various types of edits I can perform below. If you think I might be the guy for you, just send me an email or give me a call, and we can go from there.

What I Edit – Types of Editing & Rates - Testimonials - Hire Me

What I Edit

I edit just about any sort of writing: novels, MFA/PhD theses; short stories/collections, websites, creative-nonfiction/non-fiction, poetry, children's books, eBooks, cover letters, journals and periodicals, resumes, scholarly articles, college admissions essays... You name it, and I’ve probably edited it.

I also compose and edit grantsproposals, and web-copy, can assist and manage the design and production of bookseBookswebsitespodcasts, and periodicalsand am available for one-on-one writing coach.

What I Edit – Types of Editing & Rates - Testimonials - Hire Me

Types of Editing & Rates  

Each project and client is unique, so the rates and definitions below are flexible. I will gladly review a brief sample of the project at hand and discuss options with you. I can also provide editing samples and client references.

Writing Coach ($75/hr)

A Writing Coach doesn't just edit your writing; a Writing Coach develops a relationship with you, your style and voice, and the text you are working on. I particularly enjoy Writing Coaching because I get to teach you how to writingcoaching.jpgmore powerfully express yourself one-on-one. I find great joy in watching a writer and their writing improve over time and across numerous different projects.

These conferences can happen as often as our schedules allow and typically take place online via videoconference, phone, or email. If you live in Denver, Colorado, we can meet in person as well.


Manuscript Evaluation (2 cents per word)

I truly enjoy reviewing books and other types of writing projects, especially when I have the opportunity to take part in a text's development.

In a manuscript evaluation, I will carefully read your text with your target audience in mind and will make small editorial suggestions regarding the structure/style of the text, punctuation, grammar, and flow along the way. In a page or two of commentary, I will let you know what you are doing well and what you are not doing so well and will supply you with a number of solutions to the issues I detect in your text.

I will also suggest how you might go about releasing your text into the world, be it via traditional publishing, self-publishing, a website, social media, and more.

The fee for a Manuscript Evaluation includes up to 1 hour of post-editing consultation via phone, videoconference, or email.

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Developmental Editing and Coordination ($150/hr)

If you have an idea for a book or project that’s begging to be written, but you don't how to start (or you have a great start but don't know where to go next), this is the type of edit for you.

From memoirs to short stories to marketing materials for your company website to that sci-fi epic you’ve been dying to put to paper, Developmental Editing incorporates the supervision and coordination of your project from concept to product with the incorporation and coordination of editors, designers, marketers, consultants, reviewers, and other writers who might be working on the project.

Substantive Editing (5 cents per word)

Substantive editors work with you once you have a full text (see above if you haven’t yet completed your book/project). As your Substantive Editor, I consider a text’s concept, intended use, content, organization, design, and style. The purpose is to make the document as powerful and as useful to its readers as possible, not just to make it “correct” and consistent.

Regardless of your project, your writing should engage your target audience’s imagination while powerfully communicating your story, argument, or message.

I achieve this by first evaluating the text then editing the text with a combination of a light copyedit and higher-order structural edits and commentary that address specific issues in your text, be it plot/character development in a memoir or novel; the logic and coherence of a grant proposal or research paper; the order of poems in a collection; the design and navigability of a website; and more.

These edits include (but are not limited to)

  • Reordering and/or rewriting of sentences, paragraphs, and sections of text;
  • Ensuring that the writing style, pacing, and voice match with the text’s target audience;
  • Suggesting revisions and making edits to the overall structure and flow of the text.

These edits, as always, are up to the author. At the end of the day, you’re the writer, and I am the editor. You can reject any changes I have suggested for your text and can of course consult with me when you have questions or concerns regarding any of my edits or commentary.

The fee for a Substantive Edit includes up to 2 hours of post-editing consultation.

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Line/Stylistic editing (7.5 cents per word)

This might be one of my favorite types of editing. Line/Stylistic Editing includes all of the components of a heavy copyedit (see below) but goes further by delving into your text, line by line, often rewriting entire sentences and paragraphs.

I particularly enjoy this sort of editing because I get to apply my experience and expertise while finding creative as well as logical ways to maintain and enhance the author’s unique voice and style. Voice and style, after all, are what makes William Faulkner William Faulkner. Where would we be if his editors had forced him to write according to their personal preferences?

The same goes for you.

As your Line/Stylistic Editor, I will help you polish and perfect your unique style and voice without bending your text to my personal tastes or altering your story or argument. I will work with you to speak most powerfully to your target audience with edits to the text’s flow, syntax, and sound, which often includes the rewriting of entire sentences, paragraphs, and sections of text, but always works to maintain your style and voice.

As in all cases, you can reject any edit I make or can revise my edits to your liking. Remember: YOU are the writer, not me.

The fee for a Line/Stylistic Edit includes up to 2 hours of post-editing consultation.

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Copyediting is concerned with grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics of language and style and the internal consistency of facts and presentation. Copyediting is performed before a text is typeset for publication and before proofreading, the final step in the editing process.

If you think you have a “more-or-less” finished text that needs a keen set of eyes to check for mechanical and consistency issues, this is the edit for you. There are several different levels to consider.

Light Copyediting (2.5 cents per word)

  • Correcting faulty spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Correcting incorrect usage (such as can for may).
  • Checking specific cross-references (for example, "As Table 14-6 shows...").
  • Ensuring consistency in spelling, hyphenation, numerals, fonts, and capitalization.
  • Checking for proper sequencing (such as alphabetical order) in lists and other displayed material.
  • Recording the first references to figures, tables, and other display elements.

A light copyedit does not involve interventions such as smoothing transitions or changing heads or text to ensure parallel structure. The editor checks content only to detect spots where copy is missing.

Medium Copyediting (3.25 cents per word)

  • Performing all tasks for light copyediting.
  • Changing text and headings to achieve parallel structure.
  • Flagging inappropriate figures of speech.
  • Ensuring that key terms are handled consistently and that vocabulary lists and the index contain all the terms that meet criteria specified by the publisher.
  • Ensuring that previews, summaries, and end-of-chapter questions reflect content.
  • Tracking the continuity of plot, setting, and character traits, and querying the discrepancies.
  • Enforcing consistent style and tone.
  • Changing passive voice to active voice, if requested.
  • Flagging ambiguous or incorrect statements.
  • Type marking the manuscript.

Heavy Copyediting (4 cents per word)

  • Performing all tasks for medium copyediting.
  • Improving the pacing and flow of the text.
  • Eliminating wordiness, triteness, and inappropriate jargon.
  • Smoothing transitions and moving sentences and paragraphs to improve readability.
  • Assigning new levels to headings to achieve logical structure.
  • Suggesting—and sometimes implementing—additions and deletions, noting them at the sentence and paragraph level.

Proofreading (2 cents per word)

Proofreading is the final stage in the editorial process. Proofreaders usually see a project after the writing and design is complete and any photos or other visual elements have been added and only edits for typos and basic grammatical errors, including:

  • ·    Correcting errors of grammar and style (e.g., verb tense, units such as ml, use of numerals and words such as “5” or “five”)

  • Correcting errors of capitalization, punctuation (e.g., the use of commas, semicolons, colons, periods, dashes, apostrophes) 
  • Correcting errors of spelling and word usage (e.g., to/too, affect/effect)
  • Checking design elements such as heading and typeface styles, page numbers, and the like.

If your text is 100% finished and ready for publication, this is the edit for you. Even if you’ve read your text a hundred times, you must hire a proofreader before you send your work into the world. Trust me, you will regret it if you don’t, and it’s the least expensive of all my editing options.

Formatting ($1,000+)

I will edit your text to ensure that it complies with the required format, such as the format required by a specific journal or a digital platform such as an eBook or website

What I Edit – Types of Editing & Rates - Testimonials - Hire Me

Client Testimonials


Client Testimonial

"Andrew is a true professional and a breeze to work with. He has an expert editorial eye, meets deadlines, communicates clearly with authors, editors, and publishers, and is as practically minded as he is creative. He took Apocalypse Now: Poems and Prose from the End of Days from drawing board to eBook/paperback and helped elevate my publishing company to the next level. Our latest project, The Floodgate Poetry Series: Three Chapbooks by Three Poets in a Single Volume, promises to further elevate Upper Rubber Boot Books. Whether you are writing your first novel or prepping a manuscript for publication, I highly recommend him." 
– Joanne Merriam, owner Upper Rubber Boot Books 
"Working with Andrew's commentary and line edits has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my writing life. From precise editing for passive voice and syntax to more global commentary on character development, world building, and rhetoric, I have learned more from Andrew's feedback than from any other piece of writing, creative or academic, I have undertaken. Like a professor in a classroom: Andrew has inspired me to revise work he has edited and to compose new work, even as he remains objective and direct in his criticism. I highly recommend him!"
– Donald L. Bubenzer, Ph.D., PCC-S, Emeritus Professor Kent State University

“Andrew's skills as writer, editor and teacher are un-paralleled! He always has terrific insights that he shares with an easy sense of humor that makes him a joy to work with.”

– Dennis Dunbar, Senior Retoucher/Finisher at Dennis Dunbar & Assoc.

“Andrew was the editor for my first novel, Facticity Blues, and let me say that his technical expertise and general insights were critical when it came to actually getting the book published. Not only would I strongly recommend Andrew to anyone who is looking for an excellent editor, but I hope to work with him again on my next novel.” 

– Jake Camp, author of Facticity Blues

"When I hired Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum to copyedit my novel, it was a wise decision. Not only was he meticulous about grammar, punctuation and the mechanics of writing, but his comments displayed an insight and appreciation of the characters and my vision of the story. When I rewrote, I took all his suggestions into account." 

– Chelo Diaz-Ludden, author of The Cracked BeanMateo's Map, and Mandela's Reach

"Andrew helped me take my first book, Dream Warrior, from word doc to bookshelf. The time it took him to complete a heavy developmental edit, copy-edit and proofreading of my book before its publication was impressive. His suggestions allowed me to look at my poems and prose from a different perspective and helped me improve the overall flow and structure of my writing. I will look back on his suggestions to positively affect my future writing endeavors. If you are looking for a great editor with a fast turn around time, Andrew is your editor of choice." 

– Tyler Croak, author of Dream Warrior  

"I began working with Andrew in September 2013 on my book, Discovering Ritual Meditation: Transcendental Healing and Self- Realization, when I needed to replace my existing editor. Andrew is client-focused, service-drive, and affordable. He always met our deadlines and brought a level of energy to my first book that was a great boost to my confidence as a burgeoning writer. I found Andrew to be very quick, responsive and incisive in his editorial approach and very enjoyable and surprisingly easy to work with, even when his commentary meant I had a lot of rewriting to do! I greatly enjoy Andrew's entrepreneurial approach as well as his teaching skills; no doubt, his editorial advice took my book to the next level. I have already asked Andrew if he would work with me in the near future. Whatever happens do not skimp on the editorial process. Work with Andrew and you won´t be disappointed!" 

– Carlton Brown, author of Discovering Ritual Meditation: Transcendental Healing and Self- Realization

"My novel would never have been completed if it had not been for Andrew. His encouragement and support never wavered during those times I was stuck on a character’s development or a plot twist. He never tired of reading each draft word for word, offering suggestions and pointing out areas that needed improvement. I would recommend Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum as a writing coach, editor, and mentor to anyone who is serious about creating a piece of publishable work. Before I met Andrew, I thought I couldn't write. With his help, now I know can." 

– Joan Thomas, novelist

"Andrew is a GREAT Writing Coach. His skillset ranges from nonfiction to fiction to poetry to...whatever you need! He understands mechanics as well as popular, current styles of writing, and how to get it published. His knowledge and knowhow have matured my writing, and his recommendations for reading and research are spot on. As an aspiring author, I want to learn as much as I can without being told what to do. Andrew reins me in when I need it without forgetting my work is mine, not his. This push-and-pull approach allows me to improve as a writer without losing my voice or changing my beliefs. I’ve worked with Andrew for over two years. I know he puts as much thought into his editing and coaching as he does his own writing.”

– Kenneth Northington, novelist and retired military 


What I Edit – Types of Editing & Rates - Testimonials - Hire Me

Hire Me

If you think I might be the editor for you, please contact me at AndrewMK@AndrewMK.com. You can check out my teacher ratings here. Check out my CV here.


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