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On Writing

“The American Writers Museum”
Poets & Writers
Sep/Oct 2017

“The Poetry Coalition
Takes Flight”
Poets & Writers
March/April 2017

“Dear Readers, You Are Not Alone”
Poets & Writers
Jan/Feb 2017

“Shenk Ascends Black Mountain”
Poets & Writers,
Nov/Dec 2015

“Writers on Books That Left a Mark”
Poets & Writers
May/June 2016

“Calling Ishmael”
Poets & Writers
Jan/Feb 2016

“Apocalypse Now: Poems and Prose from the End of Days”

“What the Poet-Editor can do for you”
EFA Newsletter
July/August 2015

“Traveling Stanzas”
Poets & Writers
July/August 2016

Max and the Life of Big Machines, a Tribute to Joshua Vinzant

“A Book Sanctuary
in the Rockies,”
Poets & Writers,
Mar/Apr 2016

“How to Sneak into
Freelance Writing,”
EFA Newsletter
March/April 2016

On Civil Rights

“A poet joins the NAACP
march in Ferguson, MO”
Chapter 16,
Dec. 16, 2014

“Mainstream Media
to Blame for Riots in
Baltimore and Ferguson,”
Oct 25, 2015

“From Riot to Uprising:
How Baltimore Protestors
Flipped the Script,”
May 23, 2015

“What the KKK Helped
Teach me About Race,”
Dec. 21, 2014

“Learning to Cope on
the Journey for Justice”
Dec. 20,2014

“Segregation is Alive
and Well in 21st Century
Jan. 11, 2015